Organisational diagnostic market facilitation

Assessing your organisation's understanding of what to do and how to do it

Published by
Engineers Without Borders Canada

This tool aims to help practitioners and managers assess current market facilitation capacity and begin a process of personal and organisational capacity improvement. Effective market facilitation requires capacities different from other development approaches.

Staff need to respond to changing market dynamics in ways that minimise market distortion and stimulate increased economic growth. Interventions need to be designed and staff incentivised to respond to the dynamic nature of markets and change through on-going learning and iteration.

This tool attempts to break-down market facilitation into day-to-day practices to help an organisation understand what effective organisational practice looks like.

The first part of the tool assesses understanding of the purpose and context of market facilitation.

The second part assesses organisational capacity to put market facilitation into practice.

The third part assesses how an organisation is doing and where it can improve.

Visual and electronic tools are provided to capture and represent organisational capacity, strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Useful for:

Programme managers interested in assessing organisational market facilitation capacity and areas for improvement.