Impact evaluation

PAVE systems change study

Partnerships and Value Chain Expansion (PAVE) for inclusive seed system


for market systems approaches

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MEDA / Engro foundation
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MEDA and Engro
Results level
Systemic change
Mixed method
Data source
Intervention type
Improved product / service quality

Findings of a qualitative study to measure systems-level impacts of the PAVE Pakistan project.

The study findings suggest systemic change has been initiated at the individual, community and institutional level and these changes are likely to continue.

PAVE interventions have enabled smallholder farmers not only to use certified seeds, but they have also learned to produce and multiply these seeds at local level for selling it to seed companies or other farmers. 

The study focuses on the following:

  • Smallholder farmers as suppliers of certified seed
  • Farmers’ copying and institutional crowding-in
  • Gendered systemic change
  • Sustainability of PAVE Pakistan project impact

Intervention description

This report presents the findings of a qualitative study to measure systemic change.

Evidence methodology

Primary data was collected from participating and non-participating women and men famers as well as relevant public and private sector stakeholders through focus group discussions and in-depth interviews, whereas secondary data was collected through review of project documents, research articles and newspaper reports.