M4P Operational Guide, Chapter 6: Management

Are you ready, willing and able?

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The Springfield Centre
The Springfield Centre

This guidance advises on the key considerations in managing market systems development programmes.

Stimulating market system change is a multi-faceted and non-linear process. It has distinct management implications for implementers. Implementers, and those who contract them, must prepare themselves for this move away from 'business as usual'. A less direct, more catalytic approach requires programme managers to provide conditions that are conducive to flexibility, innovation and trial and error. Recruitment and personnel capacity building must be consistent with the demands of the approach. This guidance looks at key considerations for three aspects of programme management: assessing whether systems are ready and fit for purpose; ensuring staff are empowered and willing to manage market system interventions; and equipping programme teams with the ability to manage market systems development effectively. 

Useful for:

Funders and programme managers overseeing programmes using a market systems development approach.