Empowering women through an inclusive systems approach

The Aus4Equality|Gender-Responsive Equitable Agriculture and Tourism (GREAT) programme

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Aus4Equality | GREAT

First in a Knowledge Series introducing key approaches of GREAT and the context in which the programme operates.

GREAT is supporting agriculture and tourism businesses in Son La and Lao Cai in northwest Vietnam to do business in gender-sensitive ways to improve women’s access to assets, services, knowledge and skills, employment opportunities, income, and decision-making power. 

The programme assesses the systems within sectors that have the potential to create significant opportunities for ethnic minority women.

It identifies constraints and opportunities and then works with key players (or system participants) - such as businesses, government agencies, research and community organisations and individual producers - to bring about changes that will provide long-lasting benefits particularly for ethnic minority women.

GREAT’s engagement in Son La and Lao Cai to date has highlighted the vital role that all levels of government have in facilitating inclusive systems development. 

Instead of providing subsidies to market actors, GREAT leverages co-investments from the private sector and the government, facilitates demand supply matching and provides incentives for business partners and producers to collaborate through sustainable business models.