Adjusting procurement processes for MSD programmes

Overview of the MSD procurement series

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Mike Klassen

This paper is a short overview of BEAM's MSD Procurement Series.

Development projects and activities typically involve a collaboration between donors (who pay) and implementers (who do). These parties’ interests overlap but are not identical.

Procurement and contracting are used to reconcile different interests in a formal and transparent manner, but it can become an adversarial process. Antagonism, if it arises, discourages constructive relationships of trust. This, in turn, hinders the flexible, adaptive management needed if programmes that use the Market Systems Development (MSD) approach are to be effective in reducing poverty.

The MSD Procurement Series grew out of informal conversations in a series of clinics between donors and implementers seeking to resolve this essential dilemma. Links to the papers are below.

Paper 1: Decisive Structures: procurement format options for MSD programmes and their different implications

Paper 2: Deepening the Relationship: a stage-by-stage guide to strengthening partnerships between donors and implementers in MSD programmes

Paper 3: Getting off the Ground: practical lessons for the launch phase of MSD programmes

Paper 4: Fit for Business: modifying internal procurement processes for adaptive MSD programmes

Watch the BEAM webinar - How to do MSD procurement: practical insights from donors and implementers - where clinic participants discussed their findings.

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