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Evaluation of mobile money uptake - FSDMoç

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The  Financial Services Deepening Mozambique (FSDMoç) is a six-year programme whose mission is to identify and partner with key market stakeholders, offering targeted investments and insights to promote the financial sector to improve financial inclusion.

FSDMoç partnered with M-Pesa Mozambique (2016 to 2018) to increase the uptake of the mobile money in the country and to reinforce M-Pesa’s on-going strategy to increase the number of current M-Pesa customers and to accelerate uptake by 1 million more users via the use of promoters.

FSDMoç commissioned an end- term evaluation to gauge the results achieved during the two-year partnership to:

  • Improve understanding on the use of mobile money
  • Provide conclusions on opportunities and challenges in the mobile market system of Mozambique
  • Provide details on the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of M-Pesa interventions in Mozambique