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Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) Roadmap

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Practical Action

This participatory website is a structured sequence of steps designed to inspire, guide and train practitioners in how to facilitate Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) on the ground.

PMSD is an approach to create good conditions for a wide range of key market actors to create solutions and changes that make sense to them and that contribute to making their market systems more inclusive, productive and efficient. It is based on the principles of facilitation, participation and systems thinking. Some of the most relevant tools used are: the market map and participatory market mapping, interest forums, market opportunity groups and catalytic subsidies. The PMSD Roadmap involves ten steps. For each step , guidance notes, training materials, recommendations, case studies and links to further resources are provided to help users adapt and tailor the PMSD process to the unique contexts in which they are operating.

Useful for:

Both practitioners and development agency staff involved in overseeing, implementing or advising programmes following a market systems development approach, especially those interested in a following participatory approach.