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Enterprise Partners
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Growth and access to services
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Enterprise Partners (EP) is a social enterprise funded by DFID. It was established to facilitate agro-industrial growth and enable access to finance in Ethiopia. 

This study looks at EP’s seven-year journey of market system transformation by examining the interplay between market player incentives, relationships, capacities and rules of the game at the start of EP’s engagement and throughout the course of its interventions.

It draws lessons for both direct stakeholders (government, industry, consumers, civil society) and supporters (development partners) of Ethiopia’s economic growth in applying an MSD approach to achieve impact at scale.

Intervention description

This programme focuses on job and income opportunities for poor people, particularly women.

Drawing on examples from the garment, leather, and horticulture sectors, this study showcases the pathways taken by EP to transform priority market systems in support of Ethiopia’s income-generation and employment creation policies for youth and women. 

Evidence methodology

Includes contribution analysis and quasi-experimental methods.
Not described in the report. Refer to EP's 2018 presentation

PEPE's results measurement system has passed an audit against the DCED standard.