Internal review

BIF-2 project completion review

Business Innovation Facility (BIF) - Phase 2


for market systems approaches

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Results level
Growth and access to services
Mixed method
Data source
Intervention types
Improved access to finance
Improved access to information
Improved input supply
Improved product / service quality
Improved value chain coordination

The Business Innovation Facility (BIF) is a five-year DFID-funded market systems development programme that aims to improve the lives of the poor in three countries - Malawi, Myanmar and Nigeria.

BIF worked to identify and address constraints in selected markets, providing technical assistance and grants to businesses and other market players. BIF provided support to develop and replicate business models that make markets more inclusive.

Intervention description

This review uses standard DFID monitoring tools. It provides information about achievements, lessons learnt, theory of change, value for money etc. It is not an independent impact evaluation but it does provide credible information about the programme impacts.

Evidence methodology

Progress against output and outcome level indicators was collected by BIF field research teams, based on monitoring visits, interviews and other relevant evidence collection methods. Impact level assessments were also conducted. The programme used RCTs (in Myanmar and Bangladesh).

This programme's results measurement system passed an audit against the DCED standard.