Published by
World Bank

This report aims to provide operational recommendations for the design and implementation of gender-inclusive digital jobs interventions for youth.

It seeks to identify drivers of demand across various categories of digital work and how to overcome supply and demaind-side barriers to youth digital employment. It looks to identify design elements and strategies that would be especially helpful in connecting young women to the digital economy.

Findings from this report aim to provide inputs to the design and implementation of gender-focused digital job pilots to be launched by S4YE.

About Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE)
A multi-stakeholder coalition among public sector, private sector and civil society actors that aims to provide leadership and resources for catalytic action to increase the number of young people engaged in productive work. The S4YE coalition includes the World Bank, Accenture, The Rockefeller Foundation, Mastercard Foundation, Microsoft, Plan International, International Youth Foundation (IYF), Youth Business International (YBI), RAND Corporation, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Governments of Norway, Germany, and the UN Envoy for Youth.