Project monitoring report

Strongim Bisnes annual report 2017-2018


for market systems approaches

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Adam Smith International (ASI)
Project implementer
Adam Smith International (ASI)
Strongim Bisnis
Results level
Mixed method
Data source
Intervention types
Improved access to finance
Improved access to information
Improved input supply
Improved marketing of products
Improved product / service quality
Improved value chain coordination

Strongim Bisnis (SB) is an Australian Government initiative working with the private sector and Solomon Islands Government to make a strong, positive and lasting impact through business growth.

Tackling the nation’s trade and investment challenges, SB works to provide solutions for businesses and investors in the coconut, cocoa, and tourism industries, while empowering women and youth.

Intervention description

This report covers 2018, the first full year of operation for SB. This was a year of getting established and focused on commencing implementation of sector development plans; several small, medium, and large-scale activities; and mobilising internal resources and operational processes.

Evidence methodology

Given that this is the programme´s first year of operation, this report describes progress mainly in terms of management and early stages of partnership-building with key stakeholders.

MRM activities focused mostly on setting up the system, tools and plans, enhancing staff’s capacity to design and implement activity level MRM plans. The programme also conducted a 'system in place' audit to check its compliance with the DCED Standard. The audit process included a desk review and one-to-one interviews with the programme team. The desk review included programme documents and intervention-specific documents.