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Enterprise Partners

Compilation of five case studies about market system transformation at a time when the Government of Ethiopia was just beginning to embrace the private sector as a development partner to achieve the country’s agro-industry, export-led growth goals. 

The case studies present the perspectives of Enterprise Partners (EP) staff and key public and private sector stakeholders within EP’s subsectors of engagement as they reflect on the journeys taken and accomplishments realised as a result of EP’s seven years of operational experience. 

Case studies:

  1. Enterprise Partners in support of industrial transformation: building an industrial labour services market in Ethiopia
  2. Adaptive management: from the inside looking out: managing the enterprise partners market systems development programme in Ethiopia
  3. Transforming financial service markets for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Ethiopia through direct technical assistance to financial institutions: the case of Enterprise Partners
  4. Journeys to impact: charting new pathways from pilot to scale for market systems transformation in Ethiopia
  5. Changing the rules with strategy, evidence and action: lessons from our cotton and leather interventions