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International Labour Organization (ILO)

While guidance on the potential of the MSD approach to stimulate economic growth and create or improve jobs is strong, guidance on how the approach can be used to advance environmental objectives, or even simply avoid unwittingly causing environmental degradation, still remains scarce.

The Lab examins the experiences of five MSD programmes that have contributed to both environmental and socio-economic objectives, reviewed relevant literature and sought insights from the ILO’s Green Jobs Programme and its experts on intervention at the employment-environment nexus.

This guidance note synthesises the findings of this research into practical guidance to help projects and donors ultimately better integrate and achieve environmental objectives in MSD programmes.

Further information on the five MSD programmes discussed can be found in BEAM's Programme Index:  
Energy Efficiency in Artisanal Brick Kilns in Latin America (EELA)
Zambia Green Jobs Programme (ZGJP)
Elan RDC