Project monitoring report

Ghana MADE implementation phase annual report (year 5)

2018-19. DFID Market Development (MADE) for Northern Ghana Programme


for market systems approaches

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Nathan Associates
Project implementer
MADE Ghana
Results level
Growth and access to services
Mixed method
Data source
Intervention types
Improved access to finance
Improved input supply
Improved value chain coordination

The Market Development Programme for Northern Ghana (MADE) is a four-year programme to improve incomes and increase the resilience of poor farmers and small-scale rural entrepreneurs.

MADE Ghana began operations in 2014, with an initial four-year implementation plan. In December 2017, a two-year extension was granted to allow it to deepen and widen the impacts of its market facilitation approach and to mainstream those impacts. This Year 5 annual report covers the first year of the extension, from March 2018 to February 2019.  

Intervention description

The report presents a more high-level strategic view of the programme’s interventions. It looks at the key lessons learned in years 1-4. It provides context and rationalisation for the partner selection process. It outlines modifications to the approaches and methods adopted during the extension phase in order to ensure the sustainability of MADE's impact beyond the life of the programme.

Evidence methodology

MADE collects data from two main sources: partner reports and independent surveys. The project has a system for triangulating data in a resource-effective manner. The data collection plan balances out independent verification and collection exercises with training partners on accurate reporting techniques.