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This guidance is an early step in understanding what it means for a market system to be resilient, and to begin developing guidance for incorporating resilience into market systems analysis and programming.

Its purpose is to present an adaptable process for USAID missions and implementing partners to assess market systems resilience (MSR). Organisations and individuals who may especially find the guidance useful include monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialists and teams conducting scoping analyses that will feed into programme design. Actors can use the guidance to build on other household or community resilience assessments, or as a stand-alone tool.

The guidance:

  • defines market system resilience and discusses its importance
  • describes a process for assessing the resilience capacity of a market system before a disturbance (i.e. a shock or major stress) occurs by analysing its resilience capacities 
  • highlights the need for field testing and refinement of the assessment approach