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Published by
Tana Copenhagen/IMC Worldwide
Project implementer
Nathan Associates
Ghana MADE

This report responds to FCDO requests to identify the 'big picture' programme findings including lessons that can be learned from other market systems programmes in Africa and how these can be used to inform the forthcoming FCDO-supported Agriculture Transformation Ghana (ATG) programme.

Intervention description

The review includes:

  • background and context for private sector and agriculture development in Ghana, including a synopsis of the major government policies and programmes
  • an overview and recommendations for the forthcoming FCDO-supported ATG programme
  • the challenges to economic transformation in agriculture and how MSD programmes can be better designed to contribute to it

It also considers the following four MSD programmes to help inform the ATG programme:

  • Market Development in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
  • Propcom Mai-karfi in Nigeria
  • Transforming the Economy through Climate Smart Agriculture, Northern Uganda
  • Promoting Inclusive Markets in Somalia programme

Evidence methodology

This report is a supplement to the standardised Programme Completion Review report on the Market Development in Northern Ghana (MADE) programme, which concluded in November 2020. It reflects more broadly on the design, management and achievements of the programme.