Making Market Systems Work for the Poor

Experience inspired by Alan Gibson

Published by
Practical Action Publishing

Alan Gibson was a pioneer in market systems development. Following his untimely death in 2018, this book aims to document experiences in applying the M4P approach to provide a learning resource for those managing or funding M4P programmes. 

It is hoped it will also provide the reader with a reminder of the ‘good development’ that can result from using the approach.

It has five parts to it:

  • What is M4P? And how does it work?
  • Expanding the application of M4P
  • Reflections on making markets work for the poor
  • Alan Gibson on aid, why development fails, and other matters
  • Tributes to Alan

Useful for:

This book is intended for facilitators, funders, consultants, academics, and others; and in some cases, system actors, whether from the public sector, the private sector, or civil society organisations. It will be useful for anyone seeking to drive sustainable systems change at scale.