Case study

Unlocking job creation for youth through certification

The example of GlobalG.A.P in Albania

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This case study forms part of a series of analyses of RisiAlbania’s market systems interventions in Albania’s ICT, Tourism and Agricultural sectors.

Case study presenting evidence that certification schemes can have a positive impact on higher value export growth, business performance and job creation for young people in rural areas. 

It outlines RisiAlbania’s experience introducing GlobalG.A.P certification to the Albanian marketplace. GlobalG.A.P. is a globally recognised food safety and sustainability certification scheme.

RisiAlbania has developed a portfolio of agribusiness interventions based on detailed analysis and lessons learnt in a series of interconnected market systems, including the systems for youth employment, agribusiness export sales and certification itself. Certification was selected as it is a critical step for exporters to grow and diversifiy into higher value international markets, and therefore create jobs for the Albanian youth.

From a development practitioner perspective, this document unpacks some of the underlying constraints and provides details of RisiAlbania’s adaptive approach to stimulating change across interconnected market systems. It provides recommendations for replication, and potential next steps for RisiAlbania.