Cordaid's holistic MSD approach explained through the STARS programme

July 202129 pages Burkina Faso Ethiopia Rwanda Senegal Africa: East, South & Central Africa: West & Northern Agriculture Financial services Download as PDF (925.9 KB) STARS programme profile
Published by
Cordaid and Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

This Working Paper aims to describe and analyse the approach to innovation adopted by the STARS programme, presenting case studies across diverse value chains in four country contexts (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Senegal).

It is published in collaboration with a team of evaluators at the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute, KIT. 

The paper provides an overview of the scope, scale and approach of the STARS programme, and the core pillars on which it was developed. It introduces the underpinning theoretical models through which the selected innovations are analysed: AAER and the MSD doughnut. These frameworks are then used as a lens to structure and analyse the case studies.