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Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) programme works with the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) to deliver second level land certification (SLLC) to smallholder farmers.

It is the first large-scale land tenure reform programme that includes an MSD component in its original design and has applied the market systems lens to its operations to ensure the sustainability and inclusivity of its interventions.

To allow landholders to catalyse household tenure security and maximise the economic returns from their second level land certification, the LIFT programme also included an Economic Empowerment Unit (EEU) component. The EEU component has focused on improving the way that land-related markets operate and ensure that landholders can benefit from being active participants in these markets. Addressing key constraints in the rural land market has allowed farmers to fully capture the benefits of second level certification and invest more productively in their land.

This report explains the rationale behind the EEU component and describes the interventions, results and lessons learned for each sector where LIFT has intervened.