Case study

Strengthening agricultural input distribution channels through rural input retailers

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Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) programme works with the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) to deliver second level land certification (SLLC) to smallholder farmers.

Smallholder farmers currently rely on primary cooperatives, cooperative unions and, most significantly, informal markets to access agricultural inputs and seeds. Primary cooperatives and cooperative unions are often unable to deliver in a timely and efficient manner, while informal markets expose farmers to poor-quality products in general, and poor-quality seeds in particular, resulting in significantly lower yields and even, in some cases, no yield.

In order to make quality inputs available on time and accessible to smallholder farmers, LIFT partnered with selected input suppliers to develop new business
models that would allow them to expand their input distribution networks and enter underserved rural areas.

This case study follows the journey of Hamlin Trading PLC, one of LIFT’s partners.