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Mercy Corps

The Resilient Communities Program (RCP) aimed to strengthen resilience and bring stability and economic growth to Mongolians by stimulating livestock production, strengthening livestock related value-chains, increasing market information and access, and creating opportunities for economic diversification.

This report focuses on the impact of activities and the validation of high-level outcomes over three sections:

  • the livestock market system
  • the enabling environment
  • operational issues that affected results

Highlights from the evaluation include:

  • Resilience was increased across the livestock market system in the targeted locations. 
  • Production and income increased for herders and livestock sector actors. 
  • Herders improved their livestock management practices, including increased use of animal health and breeding services.
  • There is increased awareness of the need to preserve and manage rangelands. Herders are changing their practices and local governments have management plans in place.
  • Youth in RCP areas have an increased interest in working in the livestock sector.
  • Social cohesion appears to have increased between herders, supporting pasture management practices.
  • MCM responded to RCP Mid-Term Evaluation recommendations and dramatically improved their program approach and results.