Uganda Feed the Future CPM ex-post evaluation

Commodity Production and Market (CPM) Activity

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USAID’s Feed the Future (FtF) Commodity Production and Marketing (CPM) Activity, implemented in Uganda between 2013 and 2018, intended to enhance agricultural value chains by incentivising good agricultural practices during cultivation and market sales. 

This programme improved the value chain by facilitating interactions between key actors, exporters, traders and village agents, and farmers. The intended impact of the CPM Activity is to promote best farming practices and provide resources to buttress the production and sale of beans, coffee, and maize. 

This study retrospectively evaluates the spillover and sustained impact of the CPM Activity after it ended in 2018.

It reports that, generally, within the sampled population, spillover and sustainability is positive. The CPM Activity interventions spilled over into other areas, creating positive impacts for non-CPM Activity participants and opportunities of upward mobility for individuals who engaged Activity. 

Additionally, the sustainability of the Activity is continuing due to demand and expansion of the existing support structures.