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Élan RDC

Élan RDC had the specific mission to build markets to benefit the poor. Whilst not specifically focusing on areas of conflict, a large portion of the population it was targeting was based in those areas, in particular in the field of agriculture.

To reach those populations Élan had to adapt its traditional market system development models to account for increased challenges posed by conflict environments. 

This report reviews:

  • the key challenges Élan faced to implementing MSD in this environment
  • how the programme had to adapt its strategies
  • how the conflict affected programme activities across sectors (grains & horticulture, speciality crops, renewable energy, access to finance) 
  • the sustainability of interventions in areas of active conflict
  • core mitigation measures used by Élan to guide its work in conflict and post-conflict environments

It concludes that, whilst challenging, the MSD approach can be adapted to areas affected by conflict providing strategic adjustments are made.