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This USAID primer offers guidance and real-world examples on how to strategically engage the private sector in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations. 

It takes a systems thinking approach and involved consultations with both PSE and humanitarian communities.

Key guidance includes:

  • add a ‘third dimension’ - conflict sensitivity - to shared value definitions
  • don’t skimp on PSE best practice to do upfront opportunity scoping
  • pay extra attention to a firm’s position and incentives
  • go beyond financial support to embrace diverse engagement roles (e.g. as convener, actively facilitating systems leadership) 

Four types of private sector actors are profiled representing various incentives, risk appetites and decision-making drivers: 

  • social enterprises
  • local private sector
  • large footprint companies
  • new investors

It also provides real-life examples around engaging these private sector actors to support conflict stabilisation, humanitarian efforts and foster resilience.

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