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USAID Feed the Future MSP

PSE and MSD are well-positioned to leverage each other’s strengths to further advance sustainable, more systemic impact. This brief offers insights into how PSE and MSD can contribute to transformational impact, with a focus on opportunities for more intentional, strengths-based collaboration and learning.

It is intended as a launchpad for initiatives that offer targeted guidance and case studies, build capacity, and strengthen networks. This comes at time where USAID is seeking to increase collaboration between MSD and PSE activities.

Key takeaways include:

  • PSE and MSD objectives can intersect in the ambition to drive transformation - systemic change that produces scaled, sustained results - and a shared embrace of the private sector as pivotal actors in catalysing and investing in this process.
  • Aiming for transformational impact, there are opportunities to build on respective strengths. For example MSD can leverage PSE’s strengths in corporate relationship management, diverse investment, and partnership strategies; PSE can leverage MSD’s strengths in systems analysis, replication strategies, and metrics beyond dollars leveraged.
  • Important nuances remain in how PSE and MSD interpret and implement for transformation; understanding this can enhance effective collaboration and learning.