Case study

Fiji’s sugar journey

Competitiveness, inclusion and sustainability

Published by
Market Development Facility

This case study tells the story of MDF Fiji’s journey in the sugar industry, from piloting to scaling up innovative business models, to strengthening the industry’s competitiveness and making it more inclusive. It provides insights on the shifting focus, interventions and partnerships that stimulate systemic change in the Pacific.

The paper's structure:

  • Overview of the sugar industry in Fiji, particularly before and after.
  • MDF involvement. This section also explains the rationale for MDF investment in sugar, presenting a key opportunity for the industry and its potential for inclusive growth.
  • Description of the industry, its history and performance, missed opportunities and reasons for underperformance.
  • Innovations promoted by MDF in Fiji’s sugar industry. 
  • Results achieved through MDF’s interventions.