RDC Bangladesh final performance report

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The Bangladesh Rice and Diversified Crops (RDC) Activity aimed to increase rural productivity, incomes and food security in the agriculture sector through systemic market changes that promote a diversified farming system based on intensified rice production and the introduction of higher-value, nutrient-rich crops. 

This final performance report looks at the lessons learnt and the core market systems, supporting functions and gender inclusion addressed by the programme. It also covers the effect COVID-19 had on the programme.

The report concludes that much of RDC's work is just beginning to gain traction - with both significant opportunities to scale existing activities and to pursue new activities that have potential to scale based on RDC’s activity. Building on this it recommends the following areas to focus on in the future:

  • Access to finance
  • Bio-inputs
  • High yielding/premium variety seeds
  • Access to mechanisation
  • Gender
  • Trade-commodity exchange