Internal review

InovAgro’s voyage of learning and adaptation for MSD in Northern Mozambique

Synthesis report

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End of programme synthesis report for the InovAgro programme (2010 - 2021) addressing poverty in Northern Mozambique.

The programme set out to create linkages between larger private companies in Northern Mozambique and female and male smallholder farmers, with the purpose of increasing economic involvement of the poor in agricultural sectors to reduce economic vulnerability and poverty. 

It was designed as a three-phase programme to be implemented over 10 years. It was a learning journey for its funders, SDC, the InovAgro implementing team and the many government and private market actors with whom it partnered.

This report reviews the phases, systemic changes, insights and lessons learnt in implementing MSD. It highlights some key lessons in:

  • engaging with private sector partners
  • engaging with government
  • M&E in an MSD programme
  • staffing for an MSD programme
  • timeframes for systemic change