MSD cartoon-based learning tools

Training facilitators' guide

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This training facilitators’ guide provides an overview of a set of LEO market development tools that focus on market facilitation and uses storytelling in the form of storybook comics. 

Each comic book storybook depicts and compares different approaches and tactics. The scenarios are based on real-life examples that represent a market development problem and compare different ways of solving it - a market facilitation approach, and a typical, or project-driven, approach. The cartoon learning series allows development practitioners to explore different strategies for improving input supply to smallholder farmers and to strengthen opportunities for smallholder farmers to supply produce to buyers.

These tools are intended to be used with development project staff to build capacity around effective market facilitation strategies and implementation. While the cartoons focus on the agricultural sector, the principles are relevant across sectors. Therefore, while not designed with this intent specifically, the cartoons can be used to educate on the differences between market facilitation and traditional approaches more broadly.