An assessment of overall effectiveness of agricultural multi-stakeholder initiatives with specific attention to smallholder inclusiveness, and recommendations for improvement

Published by
Aidenvironment / Oxfam

This report assesses the current roles of  multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) on key social and human rights topics and explores how they can improve their performance on these topics. 

It provides reflections on what Oxfam could do to support MSIs to improve. It was commissioned by the Gender transformative and Responsible Agricultural Investments in South-East Asia programme (GRAISEA), funded by the Swedish government with some co-financing by private sector partners. 

It focuses on:

  • how GRAISEA’s target MSIs are able to include and create benefits for small-scale producers
  • the current and potential roles of MSIs in general on a number of key topics relevant to GRAISEA and Oxfam.