Published by
USAID and Net Hope
Melissa Schweisguth

This toolkit is designed to be used by organisations regardless of their experience with digital payments and to inspire and enable organizations new to digital payments to make the switch. The toolkit is a “how-to” guide divided into step-by-step modules along with associated tools to support readers in applying the knowledge learned.  

The Toolkit has two sections containing ten steps:

  1. Section One:  Internal and external analysis. Steps 1-5 are designed to help the reader understand the digital payment landscape in their programme location, document payment streams, understand the needs of programme payees and how to negotiate with and procure services from a digital payment service provider.
  2. Section Two:  Implementing digital payments Steps 6-10 support the reader in implementing digital payments after selecting a service provider.  This content will is meant to help the reader understand how to overcome some of the common challenges in digitization, conduct a digital financial literacy training with programme payees, test and evaluate products before full-scale roll out, scale digital payments to payees sustainably and consider integrating value-added services or bundled solutions.



Useful for:

Partners to use the toolkit to harness opportunities to accelerate their program activities and empower individuals to become active users of digital financial services to manage and improve their lives.