New MSD tool library on the BEAM Exchange

September 2022 MSD Tool Library
Published by
BEAM Exchange

The MSD Tool Library is here, on the BEAM Exchange website

Launched by MSP and the BEAM Exchange in September 2022, it provides a centralised tool library with:

  • Easy access for MSD practitioners at all levels of expertise.
    The library provides an entry point for individuals who are new to the MSD approach. It amplifies useful tools and facilitates dialogue by sharing contact details of tool authors.
  • Tool classification and categorisation.
    The library helps users find the tool they need quickly using filters that search by tool type, theme and programme area.
  • Regular updates including the latest innovations.
    The library will be kept up to date through stocktaking and curation by the BEAM Exchange, approximately every two years.

This short video walks you through how to use the library: