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Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships

Rather than viewing systems change assessments as a backward-looking exercise to be conducted at the end of a programme to justify impact, this guide challenges MEL managers to assess systems change as an ongoing aspect of implementation, generating feedback that teams need to better understand and catalyse change, leaving a more impactful legacy. 

It is organised into four interactive parts:

  1. Bounding the system
  2. Defining outcomes
  3. Assessing degrees of changes
  4. Establishing contribution.

It presents practical tips, resources, rubrics, templates, analysis frameworks and team reflection and planning exercises. 

Unfolding step-by-step throughout the guide is a single case of an agricultural input system in a relatively thin market in sub-Saharan Africa, which illustrates what application in real-life might look like.

Part of the MSD in MEL clinics series: Perspectives on systemic change, team culture, and private sector learning. See the links below for the rest of the series.

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