Published by
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

This report looks at how a tailored approach to market systems development helps Catholic Relief Services (CRS) catalyse transformational change at scale across the Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) Nexus.

Part I provides the strategic argument and direction for the CRS approach to MSD. It targets CRS managers and staff who want answers to the
following questions:

  • what is the CRS approach to MSD?
  • what are the key differences between what CRS typically does and the
    tailored MSD approach?
  • how will adopting a tailored MSD approach benefit CRS?
  • what foundations does CRS have in place to adopt a tailored MSD approach?

Part II explains how to operationalise the tailored CRS approach to MSD. It is targeted at managers and staff who want to understand:

  • what process and benchmark practices are applied in the CRS approach to MSD?
  • what competencies do staff members need to effectively implement
    the CRS approach to MSD?
  • how does application of the process and benchmark practices differ
    in crisis, recovery and development situations?

The process to arrive at the report's conclusions included a document review, CRS stakeholder consultations, a workshop and iterative reviews of the document, guided by the cross-departmental steering committee.