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Running from 2020 - 2025, the Activity's objectives are to increase the commercial sector’s demand for, and use of, recycling services in Amman by implementing innovative and sustainable solutions and models using a market systems approach.

A detailed market systems assessment (MSA) was conducted in Year 1 which defined intervention priorities.

This report revisits the original MSA, after two and a half years of implementation, to repeat a similar level of market assessment. It considers:

  • Are we ‘doing the right things’, through reflection of:
    - are we still working in the right sectors, and
    - are we still working on the right constraints and stakeholder priorities?
  • re we ‘doing things right’, through reflection of:
    - intervention design: are we innovating the right things?
    - intervention management: are we managing for sustainability and scale?

It provides details on the implications of the MSA including looking at processes, practices and being more responsive to prevailing 'nature of market' considerations.