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Guidance on designing and implementing agricultural programmes that follow the MSD approach, whilst achieving environmental objectives.

Agriculture is one of the sectors that contributes the most to - and is most affected by - the climate, biodiversity and pollution planetary crises. Whilst the sector in low and middle-income countries contributes less than high-income countries’ to climate change, small-scale producers in low-income countries sometimes follow practices that degrade their natural environment and increase their exposure to climate risks such as natural disasters, changing weather patterns and rising temperatures. 

Readers are guided through a structured process of incorporating the critical thinking needed to 'green' a programme. 

The guide is for implementers, consultants and donors that are asking themselves the following types of questions:

  • How do I manage the (imaginary) friction between reaching poverty reduction impact targets and promoting environmental sustainability? 
  • How can I encourage market players to embrace environmentally sustainable practices? 
  • How do I recruit and train my team to ensure they incorporate green considerations? 
  • What types of indicators do I need to measure and track MSD? 

Each section outlines the main types of audiences who may find the content relevant, and a checklist you can use as a team to ensure you’re considering the most relevant steps.

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