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This brief shares findings and lessons from a September 2022 independent review of the Strengthening Host and Refugee Populations in Ethiopia (SHARPE) programme.

The programme aims to to support greater economic integration of refugees into local economies. It does this by putting into practice pledges made by the Government of Ethiopia to grant greater socio economic rights to refugees.

The review looked at the degree of adoption of livelihood-enhancing products and services delivered by private Ethiopian companies to host and refugee communities in the Somali and Gambella regions, both of which host large refugee populations. These include digital finance, micro-business loans, agriculture and livestock inputs, poultry-raising, goat trading, and off-grid renewable energy solutions.

It discusses the different barriers that refugees faced and how SHARPE intended to overcome them; how SHARPE's partners have been adapting their business models; and  how the new anticipated partners, and their products and/or services, were expected to increase adoption rates among refugees.

It provides strategic questions for SHARPE to use to monitor and assess performance.