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Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships Activity

This guide supports more effective engagement with the private sector to advance climate adaptation and resilience objectives.

Despite the monumental, long-term economic and societal costs of failing to adapt to climate change, global adaptation efforts have not successfully generated the widespread action needed to secure a resilient future.

This resource identifies financial, knowledge and communication barriers that are holding back private sector action and investment in climate adaptation.

It offers guidance to support USAID Missions, implementing partners and other development organisations in strategically partnering with a wide variety of private sector actors to pilot and scale innovative, market-based solutions in service of making communities, businesses and governments more resilient to the disastrous effects of climate change.

It includes:

  • a summary of private sector climate adaptation practices already underway, as well as gaps in widespread action
  • a tailored, strategic opportunity identification tool to inform partner selection and co-creation
  • six 'blueprints' or partnership models, to drive forward adaptation for companies and communities alike
  • and vignettes from around the world that illustrate the partnership blueprints in practice