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Value for Women

First in a series of three reports with the goal of guiding small and growing agribusinesses (SGABs) to growth through strategic gender inclusion in climate-smart agriculture (CSA) value chains.

It was commissioned by Vuna, a three-year regional CSA programme, aiming to transform Africa’s agriculture sector by enabling smallholder farmers to improve their livelihoods in the face of climate change

The guide is for owners and managers of SGABs, from input suppliers and off-takers to commercial farm owners and food companies, that aim to lead their businesses with a ‘climate-smart’ lens.

It will help environmentally conscious SGABs determine how they can better integrate gender strategically across the company’s model and value chain, in order to maximise dividends to the company, confer social and economic benefits to producers and other community members, and mitigate climate change.