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August 2018

A summary of new Blogs and Resources added to the BEAM Exchange during June / July 2018


Harnessing the power of complexity in development
Market systems are complex adaptive systems and market systems development is a complex task. Changes in these systems are difficult to predict and development interventions often, if not always, lead to unintended consequences. Marcus Jenal on a new training course to change systems.
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Towards a more inclusive approach to Market Systems Development
Dane Moores and Andy Hunter explore how development practitioners can get business and markets to work more effectively for people living in poverty.
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Read the full analysis in World Vision Australia’s report

How do you spot and grab an opportunity?
Applying the systemic approach in complex environments. Zenebe Uraguchi and Andi Stefanllari discuss their experience of youth employment in Albania and spotting opportunities in the ICT sector.
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Achieving better development outcomes through Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA)
Listen to the four-episode pilot podcast series from USAID Learning Lab on Adaptive Management.
From the inside out

Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain (CAVAC) phase one
DFAT’s impact evaluation on improving the productivity of rice-based farming systems for smallholder farmers.
CAVAC impact evaluation

SDC's guidelines for donor staff on developing and managing a market systems development project
Now available in Spanish:
Gestión de proyectos DSM
And French:
Gestion de projets DSM

The Markets in Crisis Community of Practice (MiC)
A new web space provided by SEEP is a forum for practitioners engaging with markets in emergency and recovery contexts.
SEEP's Markets in Crisis Community of Practice (MiC)

System Dynamics Tools
A web page with links to may system dynamics tools, both open source and proprietary.
System Dynamics Tools website