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December 2018

What's new on BEAM: October / November 2018

We’ve got a number of new Blogs and Resources to share.

Blogs and related resources

Applying MSD to artisanal and small-scale mining in Rwanda - James McQuilken's blog on applying the approach to the unique and context-specific sector in Rwanda, and the related policy brief

Kate Simpson describes Systemcraft, a new framework for tackling complex problems, in her blog How do you create change in the face of complex systems challenges?

Capturing Systemic Change in Bangladesh - Bundick and Zaki Raheem discuss what systemic change looks like on a USAID Feed the Future project. And here’s the systemic change CLA case study - Feed the Future Bangladesh Agricultural Value Chains project

Six ways to tell if a programme is really ‘doing development differently’ - what tells us that a programme is genuinely adaptive - and what rings alarm bells? This is a guest post from Duncan Green's From poverty to power blog.

Putting the value in land titling - what is a land title worth? Bill Grant, Ian Rose and Nephas Munyeche on how DAI is enabling smallholders gain economic benefit from their land titles. And two case studies exploring DAI’s experience working to derive value from land titling in Ethiopia and Mozambique.

More resources

Beyond income - MDF’s new framework for measuring changes in women’s agency in a range of contexts.

Manual on sustainable value chain development: Volume 1 and Volume 2 - GIZ have updated ValueLinks - a resource for all who are planning, implementing or studying value chain development activities.

Contracts for adaptive programming - how can development actors deliver adaptive programming - experiment, learn and adapt - through contractural arrangements with implementation partners?

Beyond value chains: emerging lessons from Market Systems Development approaches in Australia’s aid programme.