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June 2018

A summary of new Blogs and Resources added to the BEAM Exchange during April / May 2018


How to move beyond crude gender targets to genuine empowerment
Not all analysis of gender-disaggregated data leads to informed strategies. Sharmin Ahmed offers a few simple rules for meaningful gender mainstreaming MSD activities.
Read Sharmin's blog


How donors can enable and encourage investment in training and capacity-building
Procurement and contracting of programmes that use a market systems development (MSD) approach.
Four principles to guide procurement practice for MSD

Can Kenya’s family planning market work better with M4P interventions?
A diagnostic assessment in support of the ESHE programme.
Diagnostic assessment of Kenya's family planning market

Problems not solutions- two videos on Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA)
Harvard’s Lant Pritchett provides an overview of PDIA core principles.
Principles of PDIA video

And Harvard’s Building State Capacity Center for International Development have produced a video animation.
What is PDIA?

Making the most of B2B exchange visits
An alternative to traditional training and and opportunity to catalyse behaviour change – guidelines in five steps.
B2B exchange visits

What difference does CLA make to development?
Does an intentional, systematic and resourced approach to collaborating, learning and adapting contribute to organisational effectiveness and development outcomes?
Read USAID ‘s key findings from their literature review

Warehouse Receipt Systems for food grains
Using existing assets to improve rural lives in northern Nigeria.  A briefing note on an intervention involving Warehouse Receipt Systems (WRS) for food grains – and the challenges faced. 
WRS for food grains

MSD video animation
A video animation on how the M4P / MSD approach can help smallholder farmers compete better in the market. Produced by the Australian government’s PRISMA programme.
MSD video

Systems thinking online courses
Open University online courses exploring systems as a subject in its own right - and subjects which can be understood through the application of systems thinking.
Explore systems thinking with OpenLearn