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October 2018

What's new on BEAM: August / September 2018

We’ve got a number of new Blogs and Resources to share.

We also have several newly published market systems programmes on our Programme Index.

Blogs and Resources

  • CARE’s IMAGINE programme is testing market systems interventions aimed at delaying the timing of first birth among married adolescent girls in Niger and Bangladesh.
    Development programmes tend to focus on either preventing child marriage or meeting the needs of adult married women. As a result, married adolescents often lack the services and support they need to lead healthy and productive lives, with dire economic consequences for their families, communities and societies.
    Read the Blog and the Brief for more on the market analyses in both countries
  • How do you create change in the face of complex systems challenges?
    Read the Blog and find out about Systemcraft, a new framework for tackling complex problems

  • How can MSD projects assess whether business innovations are improving market system inclusiveness for smallholder farmers (SHFs)?The USAID's Feed the Future Mozambique Agricultural Innovations Activity has developed new Monitoring, evaluation & learning (MEL) tools to assess whether business innovations are improving market system inclusiveness for smallholder farmers.
    Read the Blog – Prove and improve

  • Development is more than just ‘delivery’. It’s important to think in terms of messiness when implementing market system development - and the implications for programme design and management.
    Read the Blog - What the MSD handbook doesn't tell you

  • Focussing on a programme in Georgia this paper focuses on key lessons for practitioners on how to put gender and Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) into practice including building effective teams, indicators, field work and gender disaggregated data.
    Read How to put Gender and WEE into practice in M4P
  • Lean Data is an approach to impact measurement. This is a practical and action-oriented field guide to help conduct Lean Data projects.
    Read about The Lean Data field guide

Programme Index - new entries

Palestinian Market Development Program (PMDP) - stimulating a more competitive Palestinian privates sector in IT services, agriculture and tourism.

Coconut Industry Development for the Caribbean (CIDC) - improving competitiveness of the coconut sector throughout the region. It’s aim is to increase food availability and reinforce incomes and resilience of small-scale farmers.

3i Cambodia: Investing in Infrastructure - increasing investment in private sector led small-scale infrastructure to improve access to basic utilities (piped water, electricity and solar energy).

ILO's Promoting decent work in Rwanda's informal economy project - improving living conditions for women, young women and young men in the informal building construction and garment & tailoring sectors.

Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) - increasing employment and income of MSMEs and entrepreneurs in Egypt.

NTF - Inclusive tourism, Myanmar - enhancing the Myanmar tourism industry as a way out of poverty.

TOMAK: To’os ba Moris Di’ak (Farming for Prosperity) - working with government, private sector and NGOs in Timor-Leste to help farming families live more prosperous and sustainable lives.