Private capacity, public payment

Private business participation in government initiatives to improve access to critical health services

Nirmala Ravishankar Ashleigh Dunworth Barbara O'Hanlon Salome Wawire
2016 India Kenya Uganda Health & Social services Private sector collaboration Download as PDF (112.9 KB)
Published by
BEAM Exchange, Insight Health Advisors

This report presents findings from a BEAM research project called Private Business Participation in Government Initiatives to Improve Access to Critical Health Services implemented by Insight Health Advisors to study policy initiatives through which governments pay private providers to deliver health services to men and women living in poverty in Kenya, Uganda and India. It seeks to provide new thinking on financial opportunities available to private health care providers through such government policies, and the challenges they confront in trying to participate in these policy mechanisms. 

The Executive Summary presents an overview of the research project and includes recommendations to government, private providers, development partners, and market practitioners.