Local learning networks for market systems development

An analysis of their evolution and functioning

Published by
BEAM Exchange

Local country-based learning networks can play a significant role in supporting the networking and ongoing learning of local market development practitioners, according to local stakeholders.

This study considers the context of local learning networks that support practitioners involved in market development in order to ascertain how these can most effectively be scaled and supported. The study centers on the most mature of these networks: the Market Development Forum (MDF) in Bangladesh, the Market Development Forum in Nepal (MDFN), and the Business Development Services Donor Coordination Group (BDCG) in Kenya.

The objective of this study is to consider the context of local learning networks that support practitioners involved in market systems development in order to ascertain how these can most effectively be scaled and supported. The study considers whether such networks are effective, the underlying issues as to why more are not being formed or growing successfully in various locations, what the context is that supports or limits their development, and how they can be best supported. The study explores the market system in which these networks exist, and what the barriers and incentives are to their formation and growth.

In January 2017, we held a webinar to discuss the report and hear from local networks.