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MarketShare Associates

This paper summarises the results of a multi-year research effort to understand the potential of a set of tools – standard measurement tools, outcome harvesting, SenseMaker, and social network analysis – to measure systemic change. It provides practical guidance for practitioners wishing to select and apply tools for capturing systemic change that are relevant in their own contexts. The LEO team supported four trials of these tools:

  • Standard measurement tools in Bangladesh with the Agricultural Value Chains (AVC) programme 
  • Outcome harvesting in Georgia with the Alliances Lesser Caucuses Programme (ALCP)  
  • SenseMaker in Mozambique with the Seed Multiplication Project (SMP)
  • Social network analysis with the Sierra Leone Opportunities for Business Advancement (SOBA) programme

What practitioners say about the tool

"These tools have the power to generate quite unknown, surprising insights that forms the basis of new knowledge and becomes even more useful to change course of actions."