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HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and Kolektiv d.o.o./Pasao.ba
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Systemic change
Observational / Qualitative
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Improved value chain coordination

This case study looks into the role of the SDC-funded MarketMakers project that is addressing youth unemployment in the IT sector of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Its main goal is 'Improved access to gainful and decent job opportunities for young women and men.' 

Intervention description

MarketMakers' strategy is to make markets work better, with better outcomes for young people, using a Market Systems Development (MSD) approach. Specifically, MarketMakers works with Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) as co-facilitators, facilitating lasting change in the way market systems work in economic sub-sectors relevant to young people. These changes are expected to lead to the creation of more job opportunities for young women and men.

The MarketMakers project has been able to bring about:

  • greater awareness of IT as a career
  • improved public-private dialogue of the IT sector
  • trust and interaction among IT private firms encouraging small companies and start-ups to grow more aggressively 

Evidence methodology

The report reflects on information from programme documents and other publicly available resources.