Leveraging local market systems development networks

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BEAM Exchange

Local country networks play a role in networking, coordinating, and building capacity of practitioner organisations and other market actors in implementing more effective market systems development strategies. Current examples includes Nepal Market Development Forum, Bangladesh Market Development Forum and Kenya BDS Donor Coordination Group.

At this webinar we looked at what can be done to scale or strengthen local network’s impact, or replicate their practice in other countries.

At the webinar we discussed:

  • Findings from the recent BEAM Exchange research study on leading local learning networks
  • How to increase collaboration and cross-learning between existing local market development networks
  • Ways to leverage local networks as a platform to support improved market systems development practice in the field

Presenters include Margie Brand, EcoVentures International and principal consultant for the study on learning networks; George Okeyo, Self Help Africa; Rifat Zareen Nadia, Market Development Forum (MDF) Bangladesh; Juerg Merz, Helvetas; and Rajiv Pradhan, SwissContact.