Case study

Rethinking systemic change – a case study

A practitioner's perspective from the NUTEC-MD programme in Uganda


for market systems approaches

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BEAM Exchange
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Systemic change
Case study
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Andrew Koleros
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Improved input supply

Recent research by The BEAM Exchange seeks to understand theoretical perspectives on how market systems approaches can contribute to inclusive economic development through systemic change. It produced three main insights.

  1. Economies are evolving systems, building on the mechanisms of variety creation, selection and amplification.
  2. Current economic performance, including aspects like the inclusiveness of growth and economic evolution, are shaped by the ability of a society to explore different options for institutional arrangements and adjust them over time.
  3. This process of evolution is complex. While some aspects can be designed and managed, others need to be explored through a process of learning and adjustment.

Intervention description

This paper responds to these insights by providing a practitioner perspective through the lens of one programme - Northern Uganda: Transforming the Economy through Climate Smart Agribusiness - Market Development (NUTEC-MD).

It begins with a brief introduction to the programme and key aspects of its design phase. It then provides a summary of the three main research insights, with reflections on their applicability for programme design based on the NUTEC-MD experience. Finally, it provides some conclusions for the wider practitioner community based on this case.

Evidence methodology

The case study is based on information gathered from NUTEC-MD programme staff discussions and secondary research.