Case study

FSD Kenya: Ten years of a market systems approach in the Kenyan finance market


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Springfield Centre
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Financial Sector Deepening Africa
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Systemic change
Intervention type
Improved access to finance
Mixed method
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Over the past ten years Kenya has seen major progress in financial inclusion. Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Kenya contracted The Springfield Centre to prepare this case study about the role FSD Kenya has played in this development. The objective is to highlight the lessons learned from FSD Kenya’s M4P approach to financial inclusion.

Intervention description

FSD Kenya's financial inclusion portfolio comprises multiple and diverse interventions. This report reviews case studies of eight of these interventions; 1) capacity building and the provision of technical assistance to small organisations; 2) direct engagement in the support of product development; 3) the creation of regulatory space; 4) the facilitation of the development of public supporting functions and rules in the financial sector; 5) consultations and training with finance providers; 6) interventions into the value chain finance; 7) the development of savings groups; and 8) research to influence financial provider performance, policy and regulation.

Evidence methodology

This report is a series of selected case studies with the aim of drawing learnings from FSD Kenya’s work. Data was gathered through discussions with FSD Kenya managers and over twenty FSD Kenya stakeholders, as well as an examination of internal FSD Kenya documentation.

Useful for:

This report provides evidence for funding agencies, practitioner facilitators, policy makers and researchers that are interested in or want to work with an M4P approach in the area of financial inclusion and access to finance.