External review

External review of SDC´s Program on Rural Market Development in the South Caucasus

2012 Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Asia: West & Central Agriculture Infrastructure Download as PDF (228.1 KB)


for market systems approaches

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InnovaBridge Foundation
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Results level
Mixed method
Data source
Intervention types
Improved access to finance
Improved access to information
Improved input supply
Improved marketing of products
Improved product / service quality
Improved value chain coordination

This document reviews the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s (SDC) approach to enhance Economic Development and Employment (EDE) across the South Caucasus region. In particular, it assesses the assumptions and methodologies of existing projects, and seeks to identify successes, shortcomings and potential for improvement. The portfolio reviewed includes nine programmes which apply a market systems approach; four in Georgia, two in Armenia, and three in Azerbaijan. 

Intervention description

The report comprises a review of nine SDC projects in the South Caucasus which apply market system approaches. These projects are identified by the reviewer as 'M4P' projects. The aim is not to evaluate the individual projects or interventions, but the success of the M4P approach across the entire portfolio. 

Evidence methodology

The information was gathered through a revision of documents, visits to a selection of projects, as well as interviews and meetings with key stakeholders, including; beneficiary farmers, private sector representatives and programme staff.

Useful for:

This report is useful for donor agencies that design or manage a portfolio of development programs using an M4P approach.