Policy brief

Building capacity for market systems development

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BEAM Exchange

Increasing use of market systems approaches in international development has led to a growing demand for skilled practitioners and high-performing teams. However, the current system of training and building capacity falls short of meeting the needs of programmes. This constraint threatens to undermine the effectiveness and credibility of the approach.

This paper is structured into three main parts: (i) the problem and the context; (ii) an analysis of possible solutions and (iii) recommendations.

The first section, explains the rationale behind this paper. The second section, discusses a set of options, which fall under four themes: (i) dialogue donors-implementers, (ii) procurement, (iii) core knowledge curriculum and (iv) organisational learning culture. The final section proposes a strategy and a set of activities to improve the policy environment and stimulate investment in building capacity of market systems development (MSD) staff and organisational development of MSD implementers.